Treats for Hamsters

treats for hamsters

Hamsters are really wonderful animals and these cute little furballs make an ideal first pet for children and adults as they are generally friendly, have lots of character and love to explore their environment, using their adorable whiskers to help them pick out objects. Today’s blog is all about treats for hamsters. There are various … Read more

Are Hamsters Friendly?

are hamsters friendly

Lots of people who are considering getting a hamster ask me ‘are hamsters friendly?’ Well they certainly can be if they are properly trained and socialised. But, if they haven’t been trained and handled from a young age, they may not be friendly. Some hamsters can be aggressive and may even bite. Some Hamsters can … Read more

Can Hamsters get Fleas?

can hamsters get fleas

I often get asked ‘can hamsters get Fleas?’ and the answer is yes, they can. However, as hamsters are indoor pets it’s much less likely that a hamster will get fleas compared to say a pet cat or dog getting fleas. That’s because dogs and cats are often outdoors in long grass and places where … Read more

Can you Potty Train a Hamster?

can you potty train a hamster

Can you Potty Train a Hamster? Absolutely! And you will be pleased to know that it’s actually quite easy to do so! This is because hamsters usually do it all in one place. Therefore you can simply introduce the litter tray or toilet one day and using it should become second nature to them! How … Read more

Can Hamsters Swim?

can hamsters swim

Can hamsters swim? Many pet owners wonder whether their hamsters can swim or not. The short answer is yes they can, but only in the wild and only if they have to – for example in a life or death situation. They do not like it. Being made to swim is very stressful for hamsters … Read more

How to Clean a Hamster Cage

how to clean a hamster cage

So you’re a first time hamster owner? Congratulations! One of the most important things that you need to know is how to clean a hamster cage. It’s relatively as simple to clean out your hamsters cage. Although it’s not the most pleasant of tasks, you become used to it and you get quicker every time. … Read more

Hamster Heaven Cage

Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Of course, we all want the best for our furry little friends! And what better home could you find than a ‘Hamster Heaven’?!?! The hamster Heaven cage is a well made hamster cage from Belgian company ‘Savic’. They have designed a hamster cage with a hamsters natural habitat in mind to give the hamster different … Read more

Hamster Cheeks and Why they Stuff them

hamster cheeks

Ever wondered about hamster cheeks? Do their cheeks store food? Why do they stuff their cheeks full in the way that they do? Well the first time you see a hamster stuff its cheeks it is, admittedly, rather amusing! They shovel it in and their cheeks become fatter. But what’s even funnier is they way … Read more

How to make your Hamster Happy

how to keep your hamster happy

Hi there, my name is Amy and I have owned several hamster during my lifetime including a few different breeds. My blog is, as the name suggests, all about how to make your hamster happy. The essentials that you need to make your hamster happy are a good environment, healthy diet, fresh water, exercise, regular … Read more