Can hamsters eat mealworms?

Can hamsters eat mealworms

Mealworms are a small insect that is actually the larvae of the mealworm beetle. These little guys are packed full of protein and for years have been a popular choice for feeding wild birds, squirrels and more. Did you know that these insects can also be a nutritious treat for your pet too? Can hamsters … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Apples?

Can Hamsters Eat Apples

If you’re a hamster owner, you’ll likely want to treat your little bundle of fur to a tasty snack every now and again. But animal’s diets vary greatly and it can sometimes be difficult to know what your hamsters can or can’t eat. Take lemons, for example – a perfectly innocent-looking fruit that’s fine for … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Bread?

Can Hamsters Eat Bread

Bread is one of the most widely consumed foods among households and is a staple of the human diet. So if you’re looking to treat your hamster to an occasional snack, is bread a safe option? Well, the answer to that very much depends on the bread you choose. In general, bread is formed from … Read more

What to Feed a Dwarf Hamster

What to Feed a Dwarf Hamster

What should you feed a dwarf hamster? Today’s blog includes rules of thumb, what to avoid, and our four favourite mixes No matter what your pet is, you want to feed it right. You want to make sure it is happy, healthy, and enjoying its meals. This is of course just as true for your … Read more

Can hamsters eat spinach?

Can hamsters eat spinach

Spinach is a leafy green superfood that is known for being very rich in nutrients and as the food that powered legendary cartoon character Popeye the sailor! This tasty and versatile vegetable is a fantastic food to have in your diet, but it’s not just humans that can benefit from eating tasty spinach, many animals … Read more

Hamster Food List

Hamster Food List

One of the most important things all pet owners should always consider is the diet of their critters. The foods and treats that we feed our animals have a direct impact on their overall health. As we know that some foods and treats can be beneficial for the life of our pets, there are some … Read more

Can Hamsters eat Mango?

Can hamsters eat mango

Mango is a delightfully exotic fruit that originated in India more than 5000 years ago. Thisinvariably popular treat is also known as ‘the king of fruits’ and for good reason, the softand succulent yellow flesh is about as delicious as it gets (well, that’s our opinionanyway!). These sweet delights aren’t just for humans though, many … Read more

Can Hamsters eat Melon?

Can hamsters eat melon

It’s tough to think of anything better on a hot summer day than sitting down to eat a few refreshing chunks of melon, it’s like sunshine in a snack! The sweet yet delicate goodness hidden inside this fruits’ shell is endlessly joyful. This delicious fruit also gives off an aroma that is almost as wonderful … Read more

Can Hamsters eat Bananas

Can Hamsters eat Bananas

Can hamsters eat Bananas? Bananas are one of the most popular natural foods, these yellow fruits are a delicious and healthy treat that are loved by people across the plant. But we’re not the only ones who love bananas, they’re enjoyed by many pets too. Can my hamster eat Bananas? If you’re a hamster owner, … Read more

Can hamsters eat Pumpkin?

Can hamsters eat Pumpkin

Pumpkins get all their glory around Halloween when they are of course carved into amusingly menacing Jack-o’-lanterns! But if you are a hamster owner then halloween shouldn’t be the only time of year that pumpkins get their time to shine because they’re also a delicious treat for your pet that can be enjoyed all year … Read more