What to Feed a Dwarf Hamster

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What should you feed a dwarf hamster? Today’s blog includes rules of thumb, what to avoid, and our four favourite mixes

No matter what your pet is, you want to feed it right. You want to make sure it is happy, healthy, and enjoying its meals. This is of course just as true for your dwarf hamster as anything else, and so it is vital you know what is good for your little hammy, and what really isn’t.

The Good

Starting off with what they can eat, and it is good news! Hamsters can eat a wide variety of foods, and it is generally easy to provide them with all the nutrients and goodness they need. 

The staple of any dwarf hamsters though should be a specialised hamster food. These are readily available and can come in a variety of forms, but generally accommodate to dwarf hamster’s diverse nutritional needs. It is absolutely possible to feed your hamster a varied, healthy diet without a high-quality dwarf hamster mix, but it is tough. It is far easier to trust the professionals and give your miniature companion everything it needs in one easy feed a day. 

Just because a feed provides everything your dwarf hamster needs though, doesn’t mean you can’t spice up their life with healthy treats every now and then. Fresh fruit or veg is a great option here, with a wide variety they are absolutely fine to eat and are absolutely stuffed with vitamins and minerals for them.

Other options include bits of a hardboiled egg, or a walnut as an excellent source of protein. 

Finally you should give your dwarf hammy a specially bought hard treat about once a week, to maintain its teeth that never stop growing.

The Best

Okay, so you know roughly what is good to feed your dwarf hamster, but for a lot of us, good just isn’t enough when it comes to our pets. We want the best. That is why we have selected four of the absolute best dwarf hamster feeds currently on the market, so you can get one with confidence that your pet won’t just survive, but thrive.

Witte Molen Puur Dwarf Hamsters & Mice

This offering from Witte absolutely screams quality from just first look, and it only gets better. Offering a balanced mix of animal proteins, plant based vitamins and minerals and prebiotics for healthy digestion, this truly is a premium option for your little pet.

VADIGRAN Terra Mouse & Dwarf Hamster

If you want natural, simple, and healthy, look no further. Containing just vegetable products, grains, seeds, pineapple, papaya, raisins, willow, nuts, and insects, this feed from VADIGRAN cuts right to the heart of what your hamster needs. If you are looking to take things back to a time before complexity in food and to get back to wholesome ingredients from mother earth, then this is the feed for you.

Beaphar Care+ Dwarf Hamster

Taking things in the opposite direction, but no less fanatics, we have this Baephar Care+. If instead of a return to simplicity, you want to take advantage of every modern invention and piece of human ingenuity, this all-in-one feed will be absolutely perfect for you to give your tiny friend.

Vitakraft Emotion, beauty selection, all ages food for dwarf hamsters

When it comes to doing a simple product well, you can’t do much better than this feed from Vitakraft. Everything your hamster needs, stuffed with extra nutrients to go that extra mile, great value. Honestly, what more could you want.

The Bad

Unfortunately, though, dwarf hamsters cannot eat everything, and there are a number of foods you should always avoid.  

A good general place is anything too processed. While this can vary from product to product and some may be okay, because of the preservative, additives and chemicals that are added to them we recommend you play it safe and stay away.

This absolutely includes chocolates, sweets, and any junk foods. They may be a tasty treat for us but for dwarf hamsters they would be far too much sugar and could make them very ill. Just think of other treats like walnuts as their chocolate bars!

We also need to mention that although a lot of fruit and veg are good for hamsters, stay clear of kidney beans, citrus fruits, onion, potato, rhubarb, and tomato leaves. These can all be harmful and with so many other options, stick to what we know is healthy. 

While these are some things to avoid, and we have given you a lot of great alternatives, it is important that you check that any new food you want to give your pet is okay. If in doubt, stick to what you know, and your hamster will be happy, healthy, and always eager for mealtime.

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