Hamster Grooming

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Hamster grooming is mainly aimed at long-haired hamsters. Short-haired hamsters do not need to be groomed. Therefore, it is not always necessary depending on the type of hamster you have. Short-haired Syrians and Campbells do not need to be combed but long hair Syrians will require combing.

Not only do you have to comb long-haired Syrian hamsters but you have to clip their nails if they get too long. Your vet should do this but if you are extremely careful then you can buy scissors off of Amazon or Pet at Home.

Types Of Hamster Brushes To Buy And Other Grooming Products


Four Paws – Hamster & Gerbil Brush £2.99

hamster grooming

  • Soft pin brush
  • Suitable for hamsters
  • Wooden handle

KW SMART Mini Soft Pin Brush £3.99

hamster brush

  • Soft pin brush
  • For sensitive animals
  • Child friendly

AB Tools Small Animal Mini Grooming Kit Brush, Comb, Cutters Guinea, Rabbit, Hamster, Gerbil £16.50

hamster grooming kit

  • Perfectly sized for smaller pets
  • Helps remove dead and matted hair
  • Helps strengthen the bond between you and your pet
  • Helps produce a healthy, glossy coat
  • Ideal for quick and precise trimming

Pets at Home

You can get the following items at Pets at Home:

  1. Rubber groomers
  2. Grooming claw scissors
  3. Small animal soft pin slicker brush

Other smaller pet shops may have other brushes and accessories to buy so go to your local pet store to find out what products they may have. However, Amazon is known for having cheaper prices when it comes to hamster accessories. 

How To Brush Your Hamster

You should gently go over your long-haired hamster’s fur with a comb. Soft bristles are preferred. Metal brushes can be too harsh on your hamster. You should also remove any debris that may have been caught in the fur.

Can I bathe my hamster?

Hamsters do not like to be bathed in water and actually it can lead to serious health problems, so definitely avoid it. Instead you can give your hamster a sand bath. Read more here in our article ‘Can I bathe my Hamster?’

For more information on hamster baths and grooming check out this website.

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