How Much Do Hamsters Cost?

How Much Do Hamsters Cost

Hamsters are fairly cheap in price, only costing around £5-£15. However, it is not the hamster that you should be worried about in terms of cost, the equipment and food needed for looking after a hamster properly, is what is going to cost you more.  The prices between hamster breeds don’t differ much either. Whether … Read more

Are Hamsters Rodents?

Are Hamsters Rodents

Short answer, yes. Hamsters are rodents. But that is no bad thing! In fact, around 40% of mammal species on Earth are rodents, so they are definitely not alone. Nor is this a bad thing, as we will see being rodents means hamsters are part of the Rodentia order of mammals which is just a … Read more

Are Hamsters Nocturnal?

are hamsters nocturnal

Welcome to hamster happy! Today we are answering the question: ‘Are hamsters nocturnal?’ If you have a pet hamster, it is important that you understand this. Are Hamsters Nocturnal? ‘Are Hamsters nocturnal?’ I hear you ask. Well yes they are. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures which means that they prefer to wake up and come out … Read more

Can Hamsters Swim?

can hamsters swim

Can hamsters swim? Many pet owners wonder whether their hamsters can swim or not. The short answer is yes they can, but only in the wild and only if they have to – for example in a life or death situation. They do not like it. Being made to swim is very stressful for hamsters … Read more

Hamster Cheeks and Why they Stuff them

hamster cheeks

Ever wondered about hamster cheeks? Do their cheeks store food? Why do they stuff their cheeks full in the way that they do? Well the first time you see a hamster stuff its cheeks it is, admittedly, rather amusing! They shovel it in and their cheeks become fatter. But what’s even funnier is they way … Read more