Do Syrian Hamsters hibernate?

Do Syrian Hamsters hibernate

Syrian Hamsters are what it’s called “permissive” hibernators. This means that they only enter a state of Hibernation if their bodies really need it and ask for it, but they do not have any type of internal clock that tells them that it is required of them to hibernate during the winter. The permissive nature … Read more

How Long Do Hamsters Live?

How Long Do Hamsters Live

The quintessential family pet for those not ready to commit to a larger animal, hamsters are well-loved members of many families. The first hamster is said to have been identified in 1930, and from there over 26 unique species have been identified. Originally discovered in Syria, the most popular and most common species of hamster … Read more

Overweight Hamster

Overweight Hamster

As hard as it could be come to senses and face the truth at times, being overweight isn’t healthy for any living thing, humans nor animals. When we talk specifically about hamsters, we assure that the extra weight can be extremely detrimental for their overall health because their little bodies aren’t designed to carry the … Read more

Breeding Syrian Hamsters

Breeding Syrian Hamsters

You may have considered breeding Syrian hamsters at some point either to sell or to add more to your hamster family. You must educate yourself and make sure you have everything before you start breeding your hamster. Preparation for Breeding Syrian Hamsters You will need to have a big enough cage for your hamster and … Read more

How to Find an Escaped Hamster

How to Find an Escaped Hamster

Hamsters are surprisingly good at escaping. It is quite common to lose track of where your hamster has gone if you leave them out of their cage without paying close attention to it. They can even escape from their cage and decide to wander off. Hamsters can fit into tiny spaces making it even more … Read more

Do Hamsters Bite?

Do Hamsters Bite

Little animals, big teeth! Hamsters are small and adorable, but they can also be a bit cheeky and feisty. A hamster’s teeth never stop growing, which gives them plenty of chance to nibble, gnaw and bite all throughout their lives and in fact, encourages it. As many other animals, big and small, Hamsters will often … Read more

Can I bathe my Hamster?

Can I bathe my Hamster

When you think about bathing your hamster, this is not a typical bath with water. Bathing with water is never advisable with a hamster because they are so little and susceptible to colds. Getting wet is one way that he will catch a cold. It can also make them very stressed and irritable. Another reason … Read more

Can Hamsters Live Alone?

Can Hamsters Live Alone

As much as we would like to simplify the answer to the question ‘Can Hamsters Live Alone?’, many factors have to be considered and taken into account when housing hamsters. In order to determine if it is ideal for a hamster to live alone, we must look at their species and evaluate their nature. The … Read more