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Hamsters are nibbly little critters that always like to chew on different things. Some big personalities even go out of their way to chew on things that they aren’t supposed to chew, like the bars of their cages or their exercise wheel. It is important to stimulate your toothy fluffs with plenty of nourishing snacks that help them break the boredom and allow them to nibble on something that is both tasty and beneficial to their health!

Varying your Hamsters Diet

The diet of your critter is a very important aspect of its life. What you feed your hamster could possibly determine how long it lives or how happy it remains when left alone. Nobody wants a hungry, bored fluff that is constantly gnawing on things he should not gnaw on just to get a bite of something! That is why finding the best things to feed your hamster is so important.

Everyone knows that hamsters love nuts and seeds, but their diet should always be varied. A hamster’s food bowl should never be filled only with seeds or only with nuts, and in order to provide them a balanced diet you should always include other elements that are safe for them to eat. A small serving of picked raw vegetables and a tiny touch of fruit is always ideal.

So, can hamsters eat peanuts?

There are many different types of nuts that are safe for hamsters to eat in moderation. Peanuts are a very popular nut all over the world that a lot of people find very tasty. In this case, we include our little hamsters in the sense that most of them enjoy the taste of peanuts quite a bit! Peanuts are a great source of healthy oil and contain a lot of protein. Although it is safe for toothy fluff balls to consume them, they should always be unsalted and unseasoned. Hamsters can also eat baked or cooked peanuts, but it is preferred to give them raw versions of this food. It is ideal that they are as unprocessed as possible. They can also be fed to them with the shell still on for a little extra gnawing motivation. 

It is of utmost importance to know that hamsters cannot eat peanuts too often. Maybe a peanut or two once a week is completely fine, but more than that can be detrimental to their health. Peanuts can cause your hamster to become bloated and may deteriorate their digestive health if fed in large quantities. This nut has a very high oil content and if excessively fed it will cause your hamster to become sluggish and overweight. Peanuts should be fed to hamsters more like a little treat and not so much like a main meal. Make sure that you feed them peanuts that are fresh and that haven’t been stored or kept in humid places for extended periods of time. 

Feed your Hamster Peanuts in the right Proportions!

Peanuts are quite good for your hamster if fed in the right proportions. They are a great little protein packed, vitamin filled treat that satiates hunger and breaks boredom! Be mindful of what you feed your pet and if you see any negative effects, stop immediately. 

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