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Not many pet owners know that hamsters can eat every single part of a dandelion. Since dandelions are technically weeds it is good to know they have some sort of use in the animal kingdom. You can pick the dandelion from the root but before giving it to your hamster make sure to clean off all the dirt and wash thoroughly to ensure the dandelion is clean for your hamster to eat. You do not want your hamster eating any chemicals or pesticides as that can be dangerous for their health.

Make sure to only feed your hamsters dandelions in moderation since having too many can upset their stomach and make them unwell. Remember too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing. You should aim to give your hamster only 2 dandelions maximum per week. It is unlikely that 2 will cause a risk of toxicity. Dandelions are not at all poisonous to your hamster, they may seem like an unappealing treat, but hamsters love them. They also help to support your hamster’s overall diet to keep them healthy and fit. The best part is dandelions are FREE and everywhere in the English countryside and even your back garden.

Benefits of Feeding your Hamster Dandelions

For hamsters, dandelions are also known as a superfood. It is an excellent source of many nutrients that your hamster will need to grow big and strong. While dandelions are full of iron and the leaves of the dandelion provide your hamster with a source of potassium. Dandelions contain huge amounts of vitamin C, vitamin D vitamin E, and various other B vitamins, zinc, and magnesium. 

Out of all the types of nutrients vitamin C, is good for your hamster’s immunity and wellbeing. It can help even heal wounds. Your hamster must have a source of vitamin C because they cannot synthesis it themselves, so they need a food source that offers it. 

  • Vitamin E, which is also from dandelions, can also improve your hamster’s skin and coat. 
  • Vitamin D will allow your hamster to grow big and strong and have strong bones. 
  • Vitamin B will help your hamster’s immunity and brain function and dandelions also have beta carotene which hamsters require. 

Overall, dandelions are a good source of nutrients for your hamster and they are far easier for your hamster to digest compared to other foods. 

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