Why does my hamster bite me?

I often get asked ‘why does my hamster bite me? Hamsters usually have a reason to bite. Perhaps they are not used to being handled. Maybe he/she feels threatened or scared. Or maybe your hamster could bite you by mistake because he thinks that you are food!

Your hamster may feel disturbed or not used to being handled

Your hamster can bite you if you disturb him. It’s essential to understanding your rodent’s behaviour and behaviours that allow you to prevent this from occurring. Some hamsters who are not used to being handled can bite more frequently. It’s important to train your new hamster to be handled gradually.

Your Hamster could be in pain

A hamster that If your favourite pet seems to exhibit behaviour that’s different from the norm, communicate with him carefully and consider whether he could be in pain – is it worth a trip to the vets?

Your hamster thinks he is in danger

Your hamster might bite you if it thinks it’s in danger. It’s your duty to ensure that your rodent is healthy and stress-free. If it feels threatened, your hamster may try to bite you to prevent you from getting ill. It’s your responsibility to keep your hamster tame and behavior in check.

He feels threatened

If your pet feels threatened, it may become aggressive and try to bite you as a last resort to protecting itself against harm. It may also try to “play” with you to irritate you to the point where you expose it to harm or potential injury. If your hamster bites you, allow it to rest in a quiet location for a few minutes until it calms down. Allow your rodent the time it needs to recuperate from its stress while making sure that your animal doesn’t become too comfortable in its stressful situation again. You can’t prevent this from happening again unless you address your hamster’s underlying issues.

He mistakenly thinks that you are food!

Your hamster might bite you if he mistakenly thinks you are food! Rodents have been known to attack humans when they judge them to be food. Unfortunately, this behaviour has been bred into certain types of hamsters that carry the genetic traits for aggressive behaviour that are designed to seek out food during times of scarcity. If your hamster is prone to biting, isolate him in a separate room from you and your family members until the animal calms down.

What to do if your hamster bites you

If your pet has been bitten by you, you’ll need to seek medical attention immediately. This may not be possible if you have young children or if your pet is nocturnal; however, you should still seek medical attention if you have small children or pets. Even if your animal is nocturnal, you should still seek medical attention if the wound is severe enough that it could potentially cause infection or lead to an illness or injury that will put you or your children at risk in the future. You should take your pet to the veterinarian if the wound is severe enough to cause a discharge or if your pet tries to bite you once you get home.

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