Long-Haired Hamster Care

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Syrian hamsters have different hair types and when purchasing one that has long hair, you will need to understand the extra care that these hamsters need. This guide will help you along the way.

Tips on Long Haired Hamster Care

Long-haired hamsters have hair that can grow up to four inches long, therefore their fur needs to be brushed regularly. We recommend several times a week with a hamster brush. Your hammy’s hair can get tangled in its bedding and if you don’t brush it then it can cause discomfort to your hamster. You will need to consider the extra care before you buy a long-haired hamster as they can be a lot of work in comparison to short-haired ones. 

Long-haired hamsters are the result of breeding programs and are therefore not ‘natural’, meaning that you will have to take extra care with them by grooming them with a small comb or brush. You should begin brushing them from the moment you get them and make sure to brush them several times a week in order to get them used to it, but also because their fur can easily become tangled in their bedding etc. If your hamster’s hair becomes matted and unable to be brushed through, you can trim your hamster’s hair. Trimming may in fact be a regular part of caring for your long-haired hammy. You can trim their hair by cutting it little by little. When trimming your hamster’s hair and brushing them, make sure not to lay them on their back, you can also feed them fruit or veg as you work through the process in order to help keep them calm.

Using crinkled paper bedding may also be helpful when raising a long-haired hammy. It is less likely to get stuck in your hamster’s fur than wood shavings and will make your hamster feel more comfortable.

Your long-haired hamster may also need to be cleaned more often than a short-haired hamster. A sand bath is always a good option to keep your hammy clean. You should avoid wetting your hamster at all costs as hamsters are prone to hypothermia and it can remove the essential oils from your hamster’s fur. If your hamster does not take well to clipping at all, then you may spot clean the area using a soft toothbrush. Add some warm water and wash around the area that needs cleaned or detangled. You should then take a bit of cotton wool with warm water and clean the area, removing anything stuck in the fur. You should never use shampoo on a hamster as it removes their natural oils. After spot cleaning, you MUST dry your hamster with a clean and dry towel. Make sure that it is completely dry before returning your hamster to its cage. 

Accessories for Long Haired Hamster Care

Make sure not to use a wheel with rungs in it, this is dangerous for all hamsters, but even more so for a long-haired hamster as its hair can get tangled in the rungs. 

If you are looking to purchase a long-haired hamster, here are some brushes that will help you to look after your hammy effectively:

hamster brush

This small and extra soft brush will be perfect in removing excess dirt and materials from your long-haired hammy’s fur. 

long haired hamster care

Another small and soft brush that will aid you in removing any excess material from your hammy’s long hair. Perfect for removing any bedding from your hamster’s fur when it wakes up.

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