Favola hamster cage

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If you are thinking about getting a pet hamster for yourself or your family, one of the first considerations that you should make is what environment they will be living in. Hamsters love to climb, dig and explore so it is essential that you get them a tank or cage that is safe, secure and that provides them with enough space to have fun and exercise. Their home environment should have a sleeping area and room for toys, together with an area for feeding and drinking. You should also consider how you will keep the area fresh, as you will need to change bedding and clean the cage often.

There are a lot of hamster habitats available to buy and the choice can certainly be quite mistifying, but never fear, we are here to help! We have looked through the range of cages and tanks that are available and one that we really like is the Favola hamster cage.

favola hamster cage

Best features of the Favola Hamster Cage

This cage has a selection of really fantastic features that should make it a lovely home for your furry little hamster friend.

The Favola hamster cage has two layers, which gives double the room for your hamster to live. The lower layer would serve well as an area for your hamster to burrow and play in bedding material, whilst the top layer could be used for sleeping, eating and drinking.

We love the fact that the base of the cage is sturdy and made of transparent plastic and the upper layer is wire, which means you can always see all the fun things that your hammie is doing!

Benefits of using this Habitat

We really like this cage and a few of biggest positives are;

  • Free accessories – if you buy this item it comes with a number of great accessories which will save you money, these include a house for sleeping, a food bowl, a drinking bottle and an exercise wheel
  • Connectable – on the side of the cage there is a connection point so that you can easily link up this cage with other habitats using tubes
  • Good ventilation – the fact that the top of this cage is made from wire means good ventilation, so that it is unlikely that nasty gases can build up in the cage.
  • Great size – this cage measures 60 cm x 36.5 cm x 30 cm, which makes it a good size for smaller hamsters including Chinese and Roborovski dwarf hamsters. This environment should give them lots of room to run around and explore. The cage may be a little small for Syrian hamsters, but it would work well if connected with other habitats
  • Easy to clean – the fact that you can detach the top layer from the bottom means that this cage is super easy to clean, especially compared to other cages which can be fiddly to take apart
  • Great value for money – this cage is towards the middle range of cost, but the quality materials and free accessories make it really good value for money Where can I buy the Favola hamster cage? You can get this brilliant hamster cage from Amazon here.

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